Bureau of Creative Works

A growing library of short films by award-winning indie filmmakers for people who believe film should come from the ground up, not the top-down.

Join the Bureau - help shape the future of film.

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Bureau of Creative Works

A growing library of short films by award-winning indie filmmakers for people who believe film should come from the ground up, not the top-down.

Join the Bureau - help shape the future of film.

  • Vonnie

    1 Video

  • Have Had

    1 Video

  • Beware the Intuition

    1 Video

  • Color of November

    1 Video

  • Ovum

    1 Video

  • Yanvalou

    1 Video

  • Fathers and Sons

    1 Video

  • Heart Chakra

    1 Video

  • A Craftsman

    1 Video

  • Common Structure

    1 Video

  • Bird Watching

    1 Video

  • Perfect Man

    1 Video

  • The Poet and the Professor

    1 Video

  • Penny & Paul

    1 Video

  • Dial Back

    1 Video

  • The Real Thing

    1 Video

  • Other

    1 Video

  • Many Different People at Once

    1 Video

  • Ferroada (Bite)

    1 Video

  • F is for Friendship

    1 Video

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  1. Vonnie

    1 Video

    Shot entirely on a Hi-8 camera, the same camera from Tynan's childhood, the short is an intimate, lo-fi character sketch of a photographer, mother, and widow living alone in Eugene, Oregon.

    Mixing home videos with intensely honest and open conversations, "Vonnie" is a raw meditation on loneliness, grief, and finding strength in your loved ones after a devastating loss.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/vonnie

    Directed & Produc...

  2. Have Had

    1 Video

    To Grace she was a mystery. To Adam she was everything. Now, they have to uncover what they mean to each other: whether they’re family, or just strangers in passing.


    Directed by Jack Turits
    Written by Jack Turits & Ben Rosenfield
    Produced by Ben Limberg, Anderson Wright
    Cinematography by Joe Aguirre
    Featuring Imogen Poots, Ben Rosenfield
    Edited by Paul Snyder
    Production Design by Kristina Por...

  3. Beware the Intuition

    1 Video

    A monkey lives in a suburban house. Strange little men are trying to end that madness.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/beware-the-intuition

    Directed by Robin Courtel
    Sound by Thomas Diaz

  4. Color of November

    1 Video

    A contemporary portrait of the relationship between two young women in the month of November in Poland.

    Learn more: https://bureauofcreative.works/film/color-of-nov

    Written & Directed by Tanmay Chowdhary
    Produced by Tanmay Chowdhary, Sanford Jenkins
    Featuring Emilia Piech, Zuzanna Korbal
    Music by Saäda Bonaire

  5. Ovum

    1 Video

    In the near future, a woman must make a life-changing decision after a mind-bending procedure.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/ovum

    Written & Directed by Cidney Hue
    Produced by Shannon Jones
    Cinematography by Nona Catusanu
    Featuring Michelle Beck, Ryan Quinn, Brit Whittle

  6. Yanvalou

    1 Video

    An awkward computer programmer learns to dance to impress his next-door neighbor. Named after a dance from the Afro-Haitian Vodou tradition, Yanvalou is pure visual storytelling through image and action.

    Learn more https://www.bureauofcreative.works/film/yanvalou

    Written, Directed, Produced by Angeline Gragasin
    Cinematography by Tine DiLucia
    Executive Produced by The Bureau of Creative Works
    Edited by Sebastian Diaz Aguirre
    Production De...

  7. Fathers and Sons

    1 Video

    A filmmaker's love of cinema is traced back through the life experiences of his father and grandfather. A film by Ben Garchar.

    Learn more https://www.bureauofcreative.works/film/fathers-and-sons

    Produced & Directed by: Ben Garchar
    Editors: Ben Garchar, Daniel James Scott
    Directors of Photography: Chance Madison, Jeffrey Johnson
    Music: Aaron Bernard
    Sound Edit / Design / Mix: Steve 'Major' Giammaria
    Colorist: Chase Whiteside

  8. Heart Chakra

    1 Video

    Mae's life is routinely disrupted by the advice from her online crystal healer and her devotion to horoscopes. Armed with healing crystals and numerology, Mae is ready to follow the predictions on an unexpected path to find her soulmate.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/heart-chakra

    Written & Directed by Angela Stempel
    Animation by Angela Stempel
    Voice Actors: Phylicia Fuentes, David Brown, Kristin Tripe, Angela Stempel, Jos...

  9. A Craftsman

    1 Video

    A rural woodworker consumed by grief builds his own coffin. A film by Sanford Jenkins Jr..

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/craftsman

    Directed by Sanford Jenkins Jr.
    Written by Joel David Santer
    Produced by Elise Brown, Cydney Fisher
    Cinematography by Tanmay Chowdhary, Madeline Leach
    Production Design by Neima Patterson, Ron Trejo
    Starring Marvin Gay, Shirley Jordan, and Leonard R. Garner Jr.
    Edited by Shiyu “Cheryl” Hu, ...

  10. Common Structure

    1 Video

    Amongst fragmentary recollections of friendship and the sublime, two friends explore changing priorities in a world that may quickly be slipping away. A film by Anne Hollowday and Bill Kirstein.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/common-structure

    Written and Directed by Anne Hollowday & Bill Kirstein
    Produced by Billy Holiday; 100 Year Films 
    Edited by Ian Park
    Additional Camera Operator: Gabe Elder
    Assistant Camera: Jake Ewal...

  11. Bird Watching

    1 Video

    An exploration of the ways we perform and perceive gender in the world today. Bird Watching uses real-life documentary interviews and carefully curated archive footage to examine how women are seen. A film by Anne Hollowday.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/bird-watching

    Directed by Anne Hollowday
    Produced by 100 Year Films

  12. Perfect Man

    1 Video

    Set in the very near future, a virtual reality addicted girl must follow a government mandate to remove her VR headset for 3 hours. When her dismal reality sets in, she goes online and orders Perfect Man: a robotic humanoid love companion. A film by Nic Collins & Jake Andrews.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/perfect-man

    Written and Directed by Nic Collins & Jake Andrews
    Produced by TJ Connor, Danny Lepthien
    Cinematography by ...

  13. The Poet and the Professor

    1 Video

    A dark comedic about Ariel, an insecure writer tortured by her own desires who must overcome a proclivity for dysfunctional affairs to find a healthier, more sustainable relationship. A film by Ariel Kavoussi.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/poet-professor

    Executive Producer - Ariel Kavoussi, Clifford McCurdy, Devoe YatesProduction Funded by Kickstarter Backers

    Producer - Valerie SteinbergDirector of Photography - Charlotte...

  14. Penny & Paul

    1 Video

    Somewhere in the Mojave desert, a wayward young woman en route to a new life with a guy she just met in Vegas discovers that her new fellow isn't quite the man she thought he was. A film by Brian Rawlins.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/penny-paul

    Written & Directed by Brian Rawlins
    Produced by Chris Schwartz and Patrick Alexander
    Production Design by Kimberly Rice
    Cinematography by Steve Acevedo
    Starring Olivia Grace Apple...

  15. Dial Back

    1 Video

    A bittersweet love story where two long-lost classmates from grade school reconnect on a lonely New Years Eve - because people don't remember phone numbers anymore.

    Learn more: http://bureauofcreative.works/film/dial-back

    Written & Directed by Anthony Deptula
    Produced by Dean Cates, Dave Smith
    Associate Produced by Deborah Streit & David Streit
    Cinematography by Mark Evans
    Edited by Jeff Sharpe
    Starring Jeff Sloniker, Tina Kapousis

  16. The Real Thing

    1 Video

    When a soldier returns home, things have often changed. For Staff Sergeant Michael Waltze, the ultimate change is in his child. While on his tour of duty, his daughter has transitioned and started living her truth. Today he is coming home to surprise her.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/real-thing

    Written & Directed by Brandon Kelley
    Produced by Jon Gestal
    Cinematography by Greta Zozula
    Edited by Taylor Levy
    Executive Produc...

  17. Other

    1 Video

    A black woman struggles with her feelings as she navigates the aftermath of the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville. A film by Xavier Burgin.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/other

    Written/Starring Vanessa Baden Kelly
    Directed by Xavier Burgin
    Vanessa Baden Kelly
    RJ Kelly
    Mansa Wakili
    Ryder Kelly
    Carissa Kosta
    Kaylee Bardin
    Chris Hyancinthe
    Edward Voccola
    Jed Rapp Goldstein
    Melissa Ugas

  18. Many Different People at Once

    1 Video

    A couple experiments with opening up their relationship to other people. A film by Joshua LaBure & Zachary Gutierrez.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/many

    Directed by: Joshua LaBure & Zachary Gutierrez
    Written by: Joshua LaBure
    Production Company: Weekend Films
    Producer: Gillian Kreft
    Cast: David Draper, Lisa Novotny, Olivia J Carmel. Megan M.

  19. Ferroada (Bite)

    1 Video

    A filmic reverie in homage to the writer-gravedigger Tico, who in a marginal life, searches for an aesthetic and political inspiration.

    Learn more: http://bureauofcreative.works/film/bite

    Script, Director, Editor: Adriana Barbosa and Bruno Mello Castanho
    Production Company: Memória Viva
    Cast: Tico and Renan Rovida
    Producer: Marco Escrivão
    Director Ass: Thiago B. Mendonça
    Photography: Rogério Che
    Sound: Samuel Gambini
    Soundtrack: Kiko...

  20. F is for Friendship

    1 Video

    Emily decides to air out some dirty laundry and brave the scrutiny of a catty dinner party to win back her name. A film by Shaya Mulcahy.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/fiff

    Written, Directed and Produced by: Shaya Mulcahy
    Director of Photography: Ben Potter
    Original Score: James Watson
    Sound Design: David Forshee
    Starring: Joosje Duk, Kelsey Lea Jones, Erica Duke Forsyth, Eddie Robinson

  21. Swan Song of the Skunk Ape

    1 Video

    The story of South Florida's strangest bipedal resident, as told by the rare few who claim they've encountered the creature. A man-hunter, cryptozoologist, indigenous conservationist, and erotic photographer, paint a portrait of a people and place as endangered as the beast itself.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/skunkape

    Director & Editor: Brad Abrahams
    Exec. Producer: Nate Barr
    Producer/Skunkape: Matthew Ralston
    Director o...

  22. Iku Manieva

    1 Video

    Two children take refuge in the Sinaloa sierra.

    Filmed in the municipality of Concordia, Sinaloa, northwest Mexico, the film shows an idyllic landscape wrapped in a rare atmosphere of peace in contrast to the threatening presence of the drug cartels who have operated in the area for decades.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/iku-manieva

    Script, Cinematography, Editing, Direction: Isaac Ruiz Gastélum
    Cast: Jacqueline Vizcarra,...

  23. Amma Meri (Mother)

    1 Video

    When Balram learns about the money in his ailing mother's account could be his, only after her death. He begins to think of this as the only solution to all his problems

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/amma-meri

    Written & Directed by Tarun Jain
    Produced by Tarun Jain
    Music by Vivek-Abhishek
    Sound Design by Shajith Koyeri
    Cinematography by Karen Thapliyal
    Edited by Rajan Kumar Singh, Vishal Chauhan
    Starring Anurag Arora, Ra...

  24. High & Tight

    1 Video

    High & Tight follows a shaggy-haired, mysterious outsider who returns to the sleepy town where he committed a double-homicide to confront the father of the man he killed, the town's barber. 

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/high-tight

    Written & Directed by Luis Servera
    Produced by Naheem Adio Kujenya
    Co-produced by Luis Servera
    Cinematography by Jon Hanford
    Film Editing by Lenny Toussaint
    Starring: Apache Ramos, Seth Abrams

  25. Lily

    1 Video

    Bearing the weight of social obligation and self-preservation, Mel attends her baby shower in this meditation on the female psyche.

    Learn more: https://bureauofcreative.works/film/lily

    Written & Directed by Mimi Jeffries
    Produced by Javian Ashton Le
    Co-produced by Peter Chapman, Carrie Tate
    Cinematography by Allison Anderson
    Film Editing by Javian Ashton Le
    Starring: Elia Monte-Brown (Tasha), Olivia Gilliatt (Mel), Tim Nicolai (Lucas), J...

  26. Aster and Sidney

    1 Video

    After the collapse of society, a secret threatens to destroy two women's relationship.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/aster-sidney

    Director: Sean Temple
    Writers: Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple
    Cinematographer: Mia Cioffi Henry
    Producers: Sean Temple, Sarah Wisner & Elise Ahrens
    Assistant Director: Sam Hagerman
    Production Designer: Jean-Paul Disciscio
    Art Director/Hair/Make-up: Nicole Georgallas
    Costume Designer: Becca Iandol...

  27. The Joyous Farmer

    1 Video

    Ratnapala is an impoverished and alcoholic farmer living in Sri Lanka's dry zone. Having sold all his possessions to drown his sorrows, he lacks industry and motivation. After an encounter with a government official, he is prescribed an experimental drug to enhance his work ethic.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/joyous-farmer

    Written and Directed by Hiran Balasuriya
    Based on a Short Story by Anuk Arudpragasam
    Produced by Simo...

  28. Oasis

    1 Video

    After her husband’s death, Nieves begs to keep his job as her apartment building’s superintendent so she won’t lose her apartment, but she’s unaware she may be making a deal with the devil.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/oasis

    Directed by: Carmen Jimenez
    Written by: Carmen Jimenez & Chris Boyce
    DP: Sean Porter 
    Produced by: Chris Boyce, Edited by Javier Loarte, Carmen Jiménez, and Ferran Mendoza
    Starring: Aida Lopez, Juan C...

  29. Temp to Perm

    1 Video

    Jane is subjected to an increasingly bizarre series of questions and demands as we learn just how far she's willing to go for gainful employment.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/temp-to-perm

    Written & Directed by Joseph Marconi
    Executive Produced by Jaclyn Iavarone, April V. Marconi, Omar Parker
    Cinematography by Kenneth Bauer
    Original Music by Jason Lowri
    Production Design by Matthew Rumer
    Starring: Amy Huckabay, Mischa Ga...

  30. Connie

    1 Video

    Ambivalent about her pregnancy, Connie attempts to withstand the desert, her husband, and herself. A dive into the underexplored psychological complexities of expectant motherhood.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/connie

    Directed by: Joel Garber
    Written by: Joel Garber & Robin Hardy
    Produced by: Tetra Balestri, Summer Garber, & Robin Hardy
    Cinematography by: Travis Auclair
    Edited by: Milenko Skoknic
    Starring: Robin Hardy & B...

  31. Real Artists

    1 Video

    Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream interview at the world-famous Semaphore Animation Studios - who’d have thought a fan edit of one of their hit films could land her a shot at a job?

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/real-artists

    Written & Directed by: Cameo Wood
    Produced by: Alexa Fraser-Herron, Ryon Lane, Cameo Wood
    Cinematography by: Kimberly Culotta
    Film Editing by: Russell August Anderson
    Starring: Tamly...

  32. Neighbor

    1 Video

    A homeless man witnesses a kidnapping, and when he hunts down the perpetrator he uncovers a dirty secret in suburbia.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/neighbor

    Written & Directed by: Tony Gapastione
    DP: Matthew Mayotte
    Produced by: Jessica Musgrave, Jayson Johnson, Ola Soler, Daniel Emanuel, Tony Gapastione, Soncity Media
    Starring: Bruce Beatty, Anjelah Johnson, Dove Meir
    Composer: John W. Snyder
    Sound Design: Matthew Waters

  33. Siren

    1 Video

    A story of lust and desire, of identity and sexuality. Elizabeth, an English rose, falls for Sirena, a mysterious sensuous Spanish woman. From their initial meeting, Elizabeth feels an overwhelming attraction for Sirena that grows with intensity; all complicated by Elizabeth’s on/off relationship with local guy Tom. 

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/siren

    Written & Directed by: Louise Marie Cooke
    DP: Laura Bellingham
    Produced b...

  34. Sing For Your Supper

    1 Video

    In a totalitarian world where the only currency is song, citizens must sing well in order to eat. Unfortunately, Glen has just come down with a severe bout of laryngitis. 

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/supper

    Director: Mu Sun
    Writer: Michael Jonathan Smith
    Producers: Karen Lavender, Mu Sun, Gensho Tasaka
    Dir. of Photography: Teruhisa Yoshida
    Production Designer: Tomoya Imai
    Original Music & Songs: Gavin Keese, Sherri Chun...

  35. Lucia, Before and After

    1 Video

    In this meditative "anti-road trip", Lucia travels from Odessa to El Paso, Texas to get an abortion, only to find that she has to wait the state-mandated, twenty-four hours before she can have the procedure. With nowhere to go, she spends the night in a town she doesn't know while awaiting her fate.

    Learn more http://bureauofcreative.works/film/lucia

    Written & Directed by Anu Valia
    DP: Charlotte Hornsby
    Editor: James Codoyannis
    Produced by...

  36. The Man Hidden in the Room

    1 Video

    Young actress Elísabet experiences a day of very strange happenings. She gets a role in a film she desired, but she's also being drawn into something rather dangerous, what might or might not be connected with a mysterious disappearance of her friend.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/tmhitr

    Written & Directed by Petr Makaj
    DP: Gunnar Auðunn Jóhannsson
    Sound: Lukáš Ujčík
    Music: Jan Provazník
    Visual Effects: Jörundur Rafn Arna...

  37. Collective Unconscious

    10 Videos

    A collection of short films in which five of independent film's most adventurous and acclaimed filmmakers join forces to adapt each other's dreams.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/cu

    "Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen With Your Eyes Open"
    — David Ehrlich, Rolling Stone

    A man and his grandmother hide out from an ominous broadcast. A suicidal Grim Reaper hosts a children's TV show. The formerly incarcerated remember and reinterpr...

  38. Yikes

    1 Video

    A sheltered and struggling young actor, Ian, receives a call from his agent about an upcoming audition. Shortly after, Ian begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a welcomed gift unless he is ready to do something about it.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/yikes

    Written & Directed by Michael Fodera
    Produced by Angel Acevedo, Michael Fodera, Nicholas G...

  39. Bones

    1 Video

    A battered girl must journey through a dark and violent world to discover the truth behind why her boyfriend mysteriously vanished.

    Learn more https://bureauofcreative.works/film/bones

    Directed by Matthew Underwood
    Written by Matthew Underwood and Beta Angarole
    Produced by Kirk Slawek, Loren Hughes, Matthew Underwood, Beta Angarole, and John Matysiak
    Executive Producer Kirk Slawek
    Production House GearSeven Creative
    Director of Photograp...

  40. Strays

    1 Video

    Fleeing the responsibilities of her relationship, a young Brooklyn woman retreats to her late grandmother's decaying house upstate, only to discover that some unexpected guests have moved in.

    Learn More at https://bureauofcreative.works/film/strays

    Written by: Lance Edmands & Sarah Tihany
    Directed & Edited by: Lance Edmands
    Starring: Sarah Tihany, Thomas Sullivan & Roderick Hill
    Produced by: Craig Butta & Kyle Martin
    Cinematography: Adam ...

  41. Between

    1 Video

    A 13-year-old boy is caught in the web of his parents’ divorce. Grappling to understand their separation, he meets Luna, a young girl who takes an interest in his silent struggle.

    Learn More at https://bureauofcreative.works/film/between

    Writer: Romana Friedli, Flo Linus Baumann
    Director: Flo Linus Baumann
    Producer: Rajko Jazbec
    DOP: Manuel Haefele

    Edited by: Aurora Vögeli
    Music: Dominik Blumer
    Sound Design: Remie Blaser
    Art directo...

  42. Jessica

    1 Video

    Two women who share a name and appearances meet when one hires the other to clean her house.

    Learn More at https://bureauofcreative.works/film/jessica

    Director/Writer: Jessica Kingdon
    Featuring: Graci Carley & Mia Jessup
    Producer/Editor: Alex Megaro
    Producer/Editor: Ian Bell
    Producer/Composer: Simon Taufique

    Also featuring:
    Meg Charlton (podcast host)
    Zane Midlin (baby)
    Myah (dog)

    Director of Photography: Aharon Rothschild

  43. The Mess He Made

    1 Video

    A Man Spends 15 Minutes Waiting for the Results of a Rapid Hiv Test in a Small-Town Strip Mall.

    Learn More at https://bureauofcreative.works/film/tmhm

    Director: Matthew Puccini
    Co-Produced by: Tyler Rabinowitz & Matthew Puccini
    Director of Photography: Brandon Roots
    Cast: Max Jenkins
    Featuring: Maya Piel, Zenzi Williams, Andrew Raia, Will Krisanda, Jack Sochet, Sean Higgins
    Editor: Henry Hayes
    Production Designer: Christina O'neil

  44. The Privates

    1 Video

    An unknown rock band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music that blows up amps, liquefies tape decks, and starts electrical fires. On the eve of their first (and possibly last) show, they must decide whether to risk life, limb, and legacy for a 1 am slot on a Tuesday. It could change everything... or nothing at all.

    Learn more at http://bureauofcreative.works/film/privates

    Writer / Director: Dylan Allen
    Producer: Eddy Vallante

  45. Lena's Complicated Machine

    1 Video

    Three years after her partner’s untimely death, Dr. Lena Thierry, a neuroengineer, has been unable to move on. After years of research and development, she attempts to upload his consciousness into a computer software program.

  46. Spider Veins

    1 Video

    Two women reunite in a quiet neighborhood before a party begins. But by turns mysterious and shocking, the film's narrative begins to unravel even as the women's relationship teeters on the edge of truth.

    A film by Frank Mosley

    Learn more at http://bureauofcreative.works/spider-veins

    Written & Directed by Frank Mosley

    Loosely inspired by Ibsen's "A Doll's House'', SPIDER VEINS is a mercurial investigation into varying levels of everyda...

  47. That Party That One Night

    2 Videos

    Socially and sexually awkward teenager Melissa finds herself alone with her crush after being ditched by her friends at a party one night.

  48. Not So Soft

    1 Video

    A lyrical journey into the subconscious, Not So Soft explores a woman’s dark and twisted history with men.

    Filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff delves into her family’s home movie footage for this bleak but compelling exploration of her past, an act of catharsis on Super 8mm film. A tapestry of memories and childhood traumas, she discovers the true strength of her artistic voice in this stunning visual essay and heartfelt letter to her father.

  49. ...and much more!